Blockchain Research & Development

We have a strong interest in all innovative technology, such as artificial intellegence, augmented and virtual reality, Internet of Things, blockchain, education, and security. We are especially excited when innovative technologies are combined and harnessed to solve real world problems.

Stake Pool Operators

We are proud to offer staking services for Cardano, a fully open source decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. Our CryptoBounty Cardano Stake Pools strive to maintain maximum uptime and reliablity. You can find the CryptoBounty Cardano Stake Pools listed under the BNTY ticker.

Technologists & Educators

Experience and know-how are powerful resources we carry in our tool belts. CryptoBounty specializes in research and problem solving to tackle today's technical issues.

Mentoring & Fostering Entrepreneurship

Providing students with techical skill, encouraging strong work ethics, providing networking & partnering opportunities, to ensure success, makes CryptoBounty unique and valuable in the education and blockchain industries.

CryptoBounty Advantages

CryptoBounty LLC is a Wyoming based company, founded as a result of Wyoming's business friendly blockchain laws. CryptoBounty cuts through the hype to find the true potential and benifit of innovative technologies. We support visionary future leaders and efforts to provide economic diversity for the benifit of all. Our goal is to educate ourselves and others as we apply tomorrow's technologies today!


Show employers and customers you have high tech skills needed to provide innovative services. Earn CryptoBounty certificates of completion for vital technology accomplishments.

This program is still in development.

Earned Reputation

A name means something, and we strive to insure the name CryptoBounty means something substantial. CryptoBounty Certified, CryptoBounty Approved, CryptoBounty Endorsed, are all things we stand behind at CryptoBounty LLC.

Proven Skill Sets

Blockchain technology provides an exceptional platform for degree and enrollment verification. Certifications, approvals, and endorsements from CryptoBounty will be verifiable on a public blockchain in the coming years. We are researching how to best move our certification, approval, and endorsement initiative to immutable ledger technologies.

Fair Staking Fees

CryptoBounty's BNTY1 is top block producing Cardano ITN staking pool. Our staking pool has been returning awesome ROS (return on staking) rewards. Thank you to those who have put your trust in us!

Early Days

CryptoBounty was founded in January of 2019, and we are just getting started. We are tremendously pleased with our early business success, and we are excited for the adventures that lie ahead!

Stake Pool

Early days, but things are looking good for CryptoBounty LLC's BNTY1 stake pool!

We love to geek-out!

Blockchain and other innovative technologies are our passion. We have an awesome team and we are driven to succeed!

Ethan Highsmith

Strategic Partner

Independent contractor, computer technologist, physical computing & blockchain specialist.

Jesse Smith

Co Founder / Systems Engineer

Jesse has proved himself to be one of the top Cardano node operators in the world. A passionate educator, father, husband, and all around good guy!

"Tony From Shoshoni"

Co Founder / Systems Engineer

Tony's greatest enjoyment are playing with grandkids, sharing technical knowledge, and solving world problems... or at least not making world problems worse!

An exciting time for technology

Our greatest pride comes from the work we do with technology students. The younger generation loves tech, and the tech industry needs highly quallified workers. CryptoBounty's mission is to put 2 and 2 togeather and to build a promising future 4 everyone!

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Coming Soon: Show the world you have what it takes with a CryptoBounty certification or endorsement.

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